Urban Planning

  • Urban Planning

    Urban planning is based on the expertise of the city and the know-how of the specialized technical groups that Themed Space have, making the efficient use of land and urban space as fundamental value to performs the task of creating a pleasant and eco-friendly urban space with the goal of sustainable urban development.

    • Road plan
    • Urban Development
    • Industrial Park
    • Urban Regeneration
  • Urban Civil Engineering

    The urban civil engineering creates a future that human and nature coexist by planning and designing the treatment of wastewater and the water supply needed for life through various reviews to create nature friendly formation of complex and to prevent natural disasters.

    • Complex (District) Composition
    • Water and Sewage Plan
    • Road plan
    • Structure Planning Such As Retaining wall and Culvert
    • Soil Survey and Investigate
  • Urban landscape

    In order to systematically manage the landscape of the land, the urban landscape creates a beautiful, pleasant, and boast local environment where the business objectives promoted by the business owners are represented in accordance with the enactment of the "Landscape Law", which establishes the necessary requirements for the preservation and formation of the landscape.

    • Establish Landscape Planning
    • Landscape Analysis
    • Landscape Review
    • Landscape Deliberation
    • Specialized Design
    • Public Projects
  • Urban Transportation

    Urban transportation is a task to resiliently cope with future traffic needs and improve the transportation environment so that it can be fully connected and harmonized through creative and reasonable traffic planning and design such as construction, urban and regional development projects, roads, railways, ports, and airports. It carries out tasks such as traffic surveys, traffic demand forecasts, traffic impact assessments, traffic system management (TSM), district unit planning, feasibility analysis, etc. In areas such as national competitiveness consideration and improvement of connectivity system between transportation means.

    • Traffic Impact Assessment
    • Traffic-ability Review
    • Preform various duties such as official planning, transportation planning and design, feasibility review, etc.